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– As a child, I remember running up and down the mountainsides of our family land in Tunisia, says Idris Harki, founder of Wild Norths’. Production of essential oils has been a tradition in our family for generations, and my grandmothers would always rub me in different oils whenever I got ill. I never knew what they were, but they helped. I guess this is why I am so passionate about essential oils.

We grow our plants on the historical grounds of Ksar Lemsa, an area where Roman emperors decided to settle down in the 5th century for its fertile lands. Ksar Lemsa became a prominent trade region, and still to this day, an ancient fortress is looking over our farms.


To us, essential oils are not just a business – they are an instrument for promoting development in Northern Africa. Today, small scale farmers face many difficulties when producing essential oils. Trade restrictions from the European Union and others make it virtually non profitable to export essential oils.  Instead, farmers sell their crop for a low price to foreign companies that extract and export the oils. We want to offer these farmers a better option, a fair price for their hard work. Therefore we buy plant material from local farmers of species not grown in Ksar Lemsa.


Do you know the differences between exctraction and exctraction of essential oils?

Today much of the essential oils extracted in developing countries are pressed in distillers like these, fueled by rest products from biomass and old car tiers. This is because more modern technology is most often unaffordable to local small scale producers. The quality of essential oils is determined not only by the plants but also by the distillation processes and the machines used. In other words, although the plants are organic, ecological and cared for with the passion of the local farmers, the machines do not give justice to the supreme quality of the plants. Nevertheless the oils are bought through several international intermediators who then sell it further for a dream price to the cosmetic industries amongst others.

Today many of the consumers and companies are well informed and aware of environmental and socioeconomic problems in all kinds of industries. Wild Norths’ wants to have an open company where everyone who cares can get an insight into where and how our oils are produced.

Wild Norths’ stands not only for organic farming and ecological products, but also for premium quality of the oils we ourselves produce. To guarantee supreme quality of our oils, we use state of the art technology. Thanks to the advanced Swedish-developed Agronova system, essential oils can be extracted extremely efficiently as compared to traditional methods. This, in addition to our trading without intermediaries, is how we are able to offer premium oils for a conventional price.